My Story


Hello!  My name is Jillian Heerlyn, and I live in Southwest Michigan with my husband, Todd, and our 4 children.  We began our personal battle with infertility in 2007, and have since walked alongside many other couples whose lives have been affected by infertility.  Although infertility was a huge part of our journey for many years, it is only part of the story.


I am a work (stay) at home mom.  My oldest is in 7th grade, followed by a third grader, then a 3 year old, and lastly a 2 year old.  I will do the math for you.  There is a 4 year gap between the first two children, a 5 year gap between number 2 and number 3, and a then only a 1.5 year gap between our third and fourth children.  That’s not the picture-perfect-I-have-it-all-mapped-out PLAN that most of us have when thinking about our family story.  Then again, how many of our stories actually turn out how we expect?


Through a whole lot of wrestling with God, I have come to realize that God writes really great, gripping stories.  (Here is a portion of our early journey into parenthood)  I am confident that your story is unique and incredible.  I would love to hear about it.  Here on my blog and in my book, I give you a window into our story.


Todd and I try our best to live by Jesus’s commission to Love God and Love People.  We believe that people are the most important “things” on the planet. As students and while on staff with a campus ministry, we spent nearly 10 years ministering to college students at Western Michigan University.  Todd is a 3rd grade teacher, and we have chosen to have me stay home with our children.  I ride and give horse back riding lessons, dabble in photography, and have been known to set up shop at a few local craft shows, in addition to writing.


I have always felt compelled to encourage others and mentor those who are walking similar paths to those I have walked in hopes of making their journey a little easier.  This blog and my book, Hope Deferred, are a product of that compulsion.


Todd and I are on our own journey of learning the “secret of being content in any and every situation.” (Philippians 4:12). If you would like to join us, we invite you to follow my blog, and we invite you to jump into our story of battling infertility and the lessons we have learned along the way in the book, Hope Deferred – The Desire for a Child.

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