About the Author

Jillian and her husband, Todd, live in Mattawan, Michigan.  They have personally journeyed through two seasons of infertility (including the present), and have walked alongside many other couples whose lives have been affected by infertility.

Currently, Jillian stays home with her daughter, Alliyah (age 6), and her son, Joshua (age 3).  She and her husband try their best to live by Jesus’s commission to Love God and Love People.  They believe that people are the most important “things” on the planet. They spent nearly 10 years ministering to college students on the campus of Western Michigan University and are currently youth leaders at their church.  Jillian has always felt compelled to encourage others and mentor those who are walking the same paths she has journeyed.  This book is a product of that desire.

Todd and Jillian are on their own journey of learning the “secret of being content in any and every situation.” (Philippians 4:12). If you would like to join them, they invite you to jump into their story of battling infertility and the lessons they have learned along the way in the book, Hope Deferred – The Desire for a Child.


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