Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1 – The Lonely Road

In one weekend, I learned that all five of my closest friends were pregnant.  In one fell swoop, I was completely alone with no one to turn to for comfort.  They had what I wanted.  How was I supposed to keep moving forward with no one to walk alongside me?  That’s when I realized that God won’t get pregnant.

Chapter 2 – God’s Heart

Does God want me to have a baby?  What if it’s not his will for me to have a child?  Why isn’t he forming a baby in me?  We have all asked these questions.  So what are the answers?  The answers to these questions and more inside Chapter 2!

Chapter 3 – Wired to Be a Mom

We were made in the image of the Living God, the Giver of Life.  He made us to represent himself – to be like him.  As women, he gave us the unique gift of being able to carry another life within us and bring it into the world.  Not only that, he uniquely wired us at our core with the desire and ability to mother – a characteristic of women that has been under attack from the moment sin entered the world.

Chapter 4 – The Medical Facts of Life

The mystery of what is really going on in our bodies is something we may never have all the answers for.  With modern medicine and science, we have learned a lot when it comes to understanding the intricacies of how everything works inside of us.  God is the healer – the Restorer.  He is in the business of restoring his world to the way it was originally created to be.  Sometimes he uses medicine to complete that work.

Chapter 5 – Take Control…of Your Thoughts

The desire for a baby is consuming – mostly in our thought life.  There are reminders everywhere.  You can not stop thinking about whether or not you might be pregnant.  The cloud that hangs overhead on the day you start your period seems to grow every month until you find yourself living in a fog.  The battle for our minds is fierce.  We have to be active in our fight for control of our minds; otherwise, we fall prey to the enemy of our souls who wants to destroy us.

Chapter 6 – Live in the Moment

For the TTC, it feels like life will really begin once we hold our child in our arms.  Unfortunately, if we are stuck living in the future, we miss out on the events of the present.  Can we really have a daily unquenchable joy, even amidst our suffering?  If we intentionally live our lives with a thankful heart, keeping others and their needs in mind, our problems seem to come into a clear focus and daily victory is certain.

Chapter 7 – Joy Comes in the Mourning

Each month that the period arrives is like experiencing a death – the death of a hope for life.  Death requires mourning, but very few of us have been taught how to mourn well.  Mourning too often turns to depression as opposed to being a tool that restores us to a place of joy and peace.  Mastering the art of mourning with those who are mourning and rejoicing with those who are rejoicing takes practice and intentionality.

Chapter 8 – The Power of Praise

Nothing is more productive and powerful in our fight against the forces of evil than praise of the Maker of the Universe.  The Bible tells us that our praise silences the enemy.  We can not afford to remain silent.  Therefore, we must examine our hearts and recognize if any thought or misguided belief about God is standing in our way from thinking highly of the Maker of all things.

Chapter 9 – The Chapter for the Man

Infertility has the potential to be a divisive weapon that the enemy uses to drive a wedge in even the most solid marriages.  No area of your marriage is safe from the steady wear and tear that traveling a difficult path can cause.  Husbands and wives need to pursue understanding of one another.  The struggle of infertility can be glue or a wrecking ball.  I say, buy stock in super glue.

Chapter 10 – When People Ask…and What About Adoption?

Well-meaning friends and family ask all sorts of awkward and potentially hurtful questions.  1 Peter 3:15 says, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that you have.”  If we are to walk daily with an unshakeable hope, we are best served if we are prepared for the inevitable inquiries of our loved ones and acquaintances.


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